The current regulation related to the communication between Public Administration and citizens establishes the legal frame in which the EADTrust's Notification Service is developed. According to the Directives 92/50/CEE, 93/36/CEE, 93/37/CEE relating to the coordination of procedures of public service contracts , “The notification which contains when less the full text of the resolution, as well as, the due accredited attempt of notification will be sufficient”, and “The notifications will be practiced by any means that allows to have witness of the receipt as the interested party or his or her representative, as well as, of the date, the identity and the content of the notified act”. Directive 2006/123/EC on “Services in the internal market” states “The communications through electronic means will be valid providing that there exists witness of the date of transmission and of the receipt of the content of these and that communication identify reliability the sender and the addressee of these ones”. Reliable communication through messages provides the validity of sent information and the date when it was sent through certificate copy with acknowledgment of receipt. For this reason, this service is a service with a legal validity. Reliable communication is similar to a registered mail or a certified fax. EADTrust as a mobile operator plays the role of trusted third party between the client and the receiver of text message.