It is thanks to the European Directive 1999/93 EC, in which electronic signatures are legally equal compared to written signatures, that electronic signatures play an important role in the commercial transactions security and other web applications. The digital signature allows the verification of the origin and integrity of messages exchanged.

According to the specifications defined by OASIS DSS, EADTrust has designed a quality Electronic Signature Service which makes possible two types of steps:

  • Documents Signing.
  • Verification of the signatures authenticity on documents already signed.

Nowadays, an advanced electronic signature that lasts forever contains more elements such as timestamping and certificate validation token. These elements provide valuable information and guarantees to the signature, making easy the validation process of this to its receptors.

EADTrust fulfills the requirements of the following standards: CAdES (ETSI TS 101 733), PADES (ETSI TS 102 778) and XAdES (ETSI TS 101 903) which define different types of signature on the basis of the elements and the guarantees they offer.