EADTrust Validation Authority plays the role of trusted third party which gives information about the Certificate and Digital Signature status.

  • Certificate Validation: EADTrust Validation Authority verifies whether electronic certificates is valid, revocate, uncertainly or expire. An uncertainly certificate is a certificate with an unknown issuer or there is no possibility of accessing to the CRL (Certificate Revocation List) or OCSP (Online Certificate Status Protocol). A Certificate is qualified as expired when a certificate lost its validity or its nature is no reliable.
  • Signature Validation: EADTrust as Validation Authority gives certainty about an electronic signature status (valid or invalid) in any certificate format. An invalid signature is a signature which lost its integrity or the Certificate is invalid because of any of previous causes (revocation or expiry).

Signature Verification and Certificate Verification use WebServices mechanism, as the DSS standard defined. Verification systems both obtain the information published by the Certification Issue Authorities through public sources (CRL and / or OCSP).

The connection to the EADTrust Web Services may be effected either used directly the standard methods defined in the DSS, either through programming APIs available that allows users to launch requests or to receive results.