We are hiring:

Systems Engineer

We are always accepting grade students in final courses in intern positions. These can be profile requirements:



Profesional Training Degree in Computer Science
or Technical Engineering (Computer Science or Telecommunications), Bachelor in Physics or Mathematics

Knowledge required:
- Operating System for the implementation of software and resolution of problems (mainly Linux and Windows)
- System software (LDAP, Web Server, Application Server, BBDD, Mail Servers, etc.)
- Computer security (authentication, authorization, cyber, etc.)
- Identity management products, access control and authorization.

Personal abilities:
- Proactivity to face and solve complex problems.
- Autonomy towards the achievement of objectives that allows you to work following some general guides of its responsible without the need for continuous monitoring of each one of the tasks.
- Ability to isolate, identify and solve problems during the deployment and configuration of tools.
- Responsibility.
- Whish to learn and high learning ability.
- Ability to communicate and work in a team.

Workplace: Madrid (C/Alba, 15 Madrid)

High level of English proficiency

Salary negotiable according to value

Experience of at least 1 year in the functions and in some or all of the technologies described below:
- System administrator or similar (Windows domains, LDAP, BBDD, ...)
- Systems management performing projects of integration of software products (Remedy, ServiceNow, Open, ...)
- Server environments where you have seen advanced architectures (high availability, load balancing, redundant centers, etc.)
- Identity Management tools and authorization workflow
- SSO, Authentication and Authorization tools (Access Manager in general)
- PKI tools, digital signature and encryption
- Software development teams