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Added functionality in Noticeman Webservices integration

The Noticeman registered email platform generates electronic evidence both when the last mile delivery is done digitally and when delivered through a postal medium.

EADTrust contributes to the digital transformation of companies with electronic tools that facilitate the processes of the entities and reduce friction in the user experience of managing the digital evidence. In the process of continuous improvement of EADTrust, backed by its ISO 9001, ISO 20000-1 and ISO 27001 certifications, new functionalities have been added to the Noticeman trustworthy notification systems integrated by webservices, especially aimed at companies with high volumes of notifications.

With the option of “Massive Upload” and “Mail Fusion”, multiple delivery is facilitated, leaving the platform the task of merging the personalized messages with the information of the recipient database. Attachments can consist of identical documents (so you only need to upload them once) or different ones, or combinations of them.

With the same idea of ​​multiple delivery, templates are customized with parameterizable data that are obtained from the recipient database and that the platform is responsible for individualizing every message.

Templates allow the incorporation of images to make more attractive the messages to be sent . EADTrust even offers a template design service that works directly with the staff of the entity.

The tool “backoffice” collects all the information of the shipments and through its menus allows to apply filters, perform searches with several criteria and view or download the selected information (for example, according to the progress status of the notification ).

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eIdAS – European Council adopts electronic identification and trust services regulation

european-commissionThe Council of the European Union adopted the past 23 july 2014 a regulation which lays down conditions for mutual recognition of electronic identification; sets rules for trust services, in particular for electronic transactions; and creates a legal framework for electronic signatures, seals and time stamps, electronic documents as well as electronic registered delivery services and certificate services for website authentication (PE-CONS 60/14; statement: 11733/14 ADD 1).

The adoption came through the General Affairs Council which  meets once a month. Meetings bring together the Foreign Ministers of the Member States. Ministers responsible for European Affairs also participate depending on the items on agenda.

The  final adoption of the above mentioned legislative act by the Council follows an agreement reached at first reading with the European Parliament on april 2014. The regulation will enter into force 20 days after its publication in the European Union Official Journal, which is expected to take place within the next few days.

Easier and more secure cross-border transactions

The new regulation provides a common foundation for secure electronic interaction between businesses, citizens and public authorities.

It seeks to increase the effectiveness of public and private online services, electronic business and electronic commerce in the EU and to enhance trust in electronic transactions in the internal market. Mutual recognition of electronic identification and authentication is vital, for instance in making cross-border healthcare for European citizens a reality.

System for mutual recognition of electronic identification

The new rules require member states to recognise, under certain conditions, means of electronic identification of natural and legal persons falling under another member state’s electronic identification scheme which has been notified to the Commission. It is up to the member states to choose whether they want to notify all, some or none of the electronic identification schemes used at national level to access at least public online services or specific services.

These rules only cover cross-border aspects of electronic identification, and issuing means of electronic identification remains a national prerogative.

Timeline for mutual recognition

Those member states which so wish may join the scheme for recognising each others’ Comission notified e-identification means as soon as the necessary implementing acts are in place. This is expected to take place in the second half of 2015. The mandatory mutual recognition is expected to kick off in the second half of 2018.

From e-signature to trust services

Until now, there were EU provisions only on electronic signatures, laid down in the 1999 e-Signature Directive 1999/93/EC which is repealed with effect from July 2016.

In addition to enhancing and expanding these provisions, the new regulation also introduces, for the first time, EU-wide rules concerning trust services, such as the creation and verification of electronic time stamps and electronic registered delivery services, or the creation and validation of certificates for website authentication. Trust services which comply with the regulation can circulate freely within the single market, and their acceptation is mandatoryfor the authorities of all member states . In addition, an EU trust mark will be created to identify trust services which meet certain strict requirements (so called “qualified services”). The use of the trust mark will be voluntary.

Aproved text: REGULATION OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL on electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions in the internal market and repealing Directive 1999/93/EC

Registered email with content and delivery proof

Noticeman is the name of this service, provided by EADTrust and available since 2011.

It provides registered electronic mail services (or electronic delivery as is named nowadays) that are valid in all european countries since “Electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions in the internal market” regulation was aproved in april 2014 and published later that year.

With this regulation, only government supervised Trust Service Providers can provide this kind of services.

EAD Trust, Global Trust Service Provider based in Madrid (Spain) offers now these services at a discount price for international customers. Since Noticeman is designed mainly in spanish, all international customers will receive a refund for 50%  of all payments while the site is translated to english and other european languages.

In the next link you can download the Noticeman leaflet (PDF, in spanish) with some use tips and a promotional code (coupon) so you can try it for freeNoticeman Leaflet


Electronic corporate services for shareholders

EADTrust, offers several corporate services oriented to shareholders. In particular those oriented to better serve them from a public company. Most of these services allow to comply with recent regulatory changes that make mandatory the availability of a web service, specifically tailored to shareholders needs.

These changing rules come from different european legislation such as the recent Directiva 2007/36/CE, del Parlamento Europeo y del Consejo, de 11 de julio, sobre el ejercicio de determinados derechos de los accionistas de sociedades cotizadas.

In Spain most of the changes are reflected in the “Sociedades de Capital” Law .

One of the services is the  Foro Electrónico de Accionistas (Electronic Shareholder Forum) that among other opportunties, allows shareholders to contact each other, before Shareholders Annual General Meeting. EADTrust helps with ready-made Electronic Shareholder Forum, with PKI support accepting certificates from many certificatio authorities, including Spanish Citizen ID Card (DNI-e).

Electronic Vote in the Annual General Meeting is other requirement to which public companies should adapt. EADTrust helps with electronic voting solutions for the AGM or Board meetings (which can be held on-line).

The board or the management of the company are responsible of the authenticity of the publication in the company web page of the AGM notice and the availability of the annual meeting materials  online whithout interruption. EADTrust helps with authentic web supervision services (trusted witness).

To know more regarding  EADTrust corporate services, contact with +34 91 7160555.


Registered electronic mail

EADTrust is fostering its Electronic Delivery Trust Service named Noticeman which is in fact a certified electronic mail service.

This service is legally valid in any jurisdiction and under any applicable law, since it is based in electronic evidence management (electronic custody and electronic signature) and reinforced with digital timestamps for everyone of the five (5) communication steps involved in an electronic mail delivery and electronic return receipt.

The electronic delivery certificate issued by EADTrust can be transformed in a a notarial affidavit, under the personal jurisdiction of the requester, but this is not required to be valid in court. That way, the Hague Apostille is not necessary in cross-ountry communications.

Noticeman. Batch electronic message delivery

Is also possible to prepare messages to be delivered in batch processes.

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