The increasing use of digital documents has created a need for a service that guarantees authenticity, integrity, security and legal value. "EADTrust" provides service issues of digital trust to users and applications. EADTrust is a company specialized in Digital Signature, Electronic Invoices and eID, which addresses the drawbacks of the adequacy of these new tools to integrate the various information systems. EADTrust encompasses different services in behalf of providing authenticity, integrity, security and legal fulfillment in electronic transactions. EADTrust resolves the requirements of electronic signature management in secure environments. EADTrust makes easier the observance of the current laws, as well as, improve the security and performance of the internal business processes. That is to say, EADTrust's services allow the observance of the recent legal regulation which provides and, in some cases, impose the use of the electronic signature and the digital custody. Concretely, EADTrust meets the requirements established by the European Directives relating to the use of electronic and telematic means in the procedure of public service contracts (Directive 92/50/EEC, Directive 93/36/EEC and Directive 93/37/EEC ), and the Directive 2000/31/EC related to the obligation of Governments to reinforce the juridical safety of the electronic commerce in order to increase the internet users’ confidence.