The growing use of electronic documents has created the need for a service that guarantees authenticity, integrity, security and legal value in electronic transactions. EADTrust was born as a company specialized in Electronic Signature, Electronic Invoice, electronic Citizen ID cards and Payment Means, that solves the inconveniences of the adaptation of these new tools to be integrated in the diverse information systems. With EADTrust both public and private entities find an immediate solution in implementation of the Electronic Signature in their operations, with the security of covering all legal and technical requirements. The services of EADTrust facilitate compliance with the recent legal regulations that envisages and in some cases impose the use of electronic signature and digital custody. Specifically, EADTrust responds to the digital security requirements of European Directives 92/50 / EEC, 93/36 / EEC and 93/37 / EEC on the coordination of procedures for the award of public works, services, supply and service contracts , And Directive 2000/31 / EC on Electronic Commerce.