EADTrust will accept cybercoins beginning with the spanish initiatives Pesetacoin and Spaincoin.

At the beginning of year 2015 it is possible to buy credit for attested electronic message delivery services through Noticeman system according to these prices:

  • 1 Attested Notice: Spaincoin 13.000 or Pesetacoin 10.000
  • 20 Attested Notices: Spaincoin 110.000 or Pesetacoin 83.000
  • 100 Attested Notices: Spaincoin 276.000 or Pesetacoin 208.000

In order to make payments, one can send the desired amount directly to EADTrust wallets as stated below, and send an email to cybercoin (at) eadtrust.net including the amount and the last 6 digits of the sender wallet.

The sender email address will be used to send the code that will add credit to the Noticeman account.

The EADTrust wallet addresses are as follows:

  • Pesetacoin: KxghqJmYvr6tBrbJT7eCNQBjG4rvJBAu9x
  • Spaincoin: SV9bZ24dczJvp7nHdKHqcjVBgKzD2yqcQm

This ceiling prices are guaranteed for a period of a year. If the cibercoin exchange rate evolves increasing its value, you can request a new rate according to the moment of the transactionthrought the aforementioned email address cybercoin (at) eadtrust.net