Time Stamping Services
Time Stamping is an on-line mechanism designed to prove that certain data exists prior to a specific time.

Digital Signature Service (DSS).
Generation and Validation of AdES-XL signatures in PDF and XML through a Web Service based on the standard DSS (Digital Signature Service). Our DSS allow completing and transforming electronic simple signatures (AdES-BES) to electronic complete signatures (AdES-XL).

Certificate Validation Services
EADTrust Validation Authority checks whether the digital certificates and the digital signatures are valid at a certain time.

Attested Notification
The Attested Notification or registered email communication is a notice through electronic mail  (optionally a SMS system) which guarantees that the message was received by the recipient in a irrefutable way.

FACCIL (Software as a Service).
Faccil (Easy Invoicing) is the EADTrust service of electronic invoicing. Faccil allows companies to send electronic invoices complying all legal requirements, without the need to hold an electronic certificate. Electronic signature is managed transparently by the platform.

Attested Publishing
EADTrust offers trustwortyh accreditation service of the beginning time of the availability of the information in web pages such as the “Contracting Profile” of eGovernement Contractors or Shareholders General Meeting announcements through electronic evidences custody.